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Hypergiant is a guiding light for Fortune 500 companies. Analyzing data. Teaching machines to teach themselves.  Merging with partners to create powerful technology solutions and smarter, more efficient human workforces.

Come listen to Hypergiant founder, Will Womble, walk through Hypergiant's pragmatic approach to AI and how all the "AI" in the world is meaningless without the right experience wrapped around it augmenting a human to do her/his job.  In addition to walking us through a bit of AI history, Womble will also talk through a  few case studies in oil/gas and illustrate how what might look like magic to some in a couple years is really just the result of today's good planning.  

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FORMULUS BLACKâ„¢ has invented breakthrough* compute and storage software technology, delivering enormous gains in computational speed and I/O efficiency, driving a big leap forward that delivers unmatched financial, operational and business impacts:

·  Financial â€“ the TCO for running applications is drastically reduced

  • Far fewer cores and memory, reducing footprint and software licensing costs; 8-20X cost reduction
  • Huge reduction in power costs, space, cooling, telco; 10X plus reduction
  • Backup cost greatly reduced and restore in vastly reduced time window; 7-15X cost reduction
  • Operational â€“ drives great efficiency gains
  • Reduces multiple layers of hardware and software complexity
  • Reduces number of support FTEs; 75% or greater reduction
  • Backup and Restore - time to backup and restore complete infrastructure greatly reduced including OS, apps and timing is deterministic; restore 15-100X faster

·  Business â€“ financial and competitive

  • Lowest latency and fastest processing speeds - deliver time-critical information for true competitive advantage for analytics, database, development and business apps; up to 70X faster
  • Data Security – beyond encryption, and unique restore, avoiding highly disruptive and time consuming rebuilding. Delivers immense operational value.

Cleopatra Enterprise

Cleopatra Enterprise is the leading Project Cost Management Software that offers an integrated solution. The state of the art software helps people and organizations complete their projects on time and within budget, maximize capital investments and stay ahead of the competition.

Over 20 years, Cleopatra Enterprise has enabled more than 500 industry-leading companies in 75 countries to control large technical projects and turnarounds and improve their project performance.

  • An integrated approach through the entire project life cycle in one system by including different disciplines within project controls: cost estimating, scheduling, cost management, and benchmarking.
  • Suitable for Class 5 to Class 1 estimates using multiple estimating methodologies
  • Estimates transferred into budgets to support project execution tracking, Earned Value Management and key performance metrics
  • Big data analysis on the executed and running projects to extract metrics across projects and improve the estimating process for future projects
  • Developed by cost engineers and designed to support the highly regarded AACE International's Total Cost Management approach. 
  • State of the art technology, allowing you to work faster and more accurate.
  • Extensive interfacing possibilities, import and export to different software solutions, such as Excel and Primavera, with ease. 
  • The combination of powerful tools and cloud-based technology, allowing you to apply the ‘anywhere anytime’ strategy.



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