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Career Objective:

To work in an environment that will challenge me further; while allowing me to contribute to the continued growth and success of the organization. Obtain a position that will provide me the ability to apply my military training, work experience, credentials to a demanding industry.

Professional Strengths:

•Over 5 years of experience working as an Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic in the United States Army

•Over 4 years working as an Service Technician in the Automotive Industry

•Comprehensive knowledge of repairing and maintaining heavy equipment, diesel engines and tools.

•Extensive knowledge of hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical repairs

In-depth knowledge of the methods of operating and maintaining light and heavy military equipment

•Skilled in operating and inspecting light and heavy equipment or machines to diagnose malfunction or defects

•Possesses the ability to modify, repair and overhaul constituents of equipment's

•Skilled in maintaining records in terms of scheduled and preventive maintenance carried on light and heavy equipment

•Possess strong computer and electronic knowledge

•Able to perform troubleshooting procedures of electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical faults

•Completed six sigma and lean in the organization course

•Completed Strategic Management-Planning course

•Team Leadership and management sufficient

•Tech support

•Customer Support

•Logistical planning and Coordination


Professional Experience:


National Oilwell Varco

January 2015- August 2016

Houston, TX


Field Service Technician ( Mechanical Offshore)


•Specializing in servicing Offshore drill-ships and supply vessels with NOV equipped cranes such as, Knuckle-boom Cranes, BOP Gantry cranes, and man lift cranes.

•Applying hydraulic troubleshooting and testing procedures

•Performing annual inspections and servicing

•Installation and Commissioning procedures in accordance with company policy

•Servicing Draw-works brake motors

•Assisting project engineers during customer overhauls and upgrades

•Fine tuning crane functions at customer request

•Assist rig crew with rigging procedures

•Performing load testing

•Replacing Manual Control Valves on Knuckle-boom cranes

•Supervising third party teams during customer projects

•Sending reports and feedback to home base supervisors

•Coordinating with customer service request

•Organizing with shipment and receiving of parts


United States Army Fort Bliss, TX


        December 2012- March 2015

Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (91B)


•Responsible for performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on various types of light and heavy vehicles such as the Up armored HMMWV (Humvee), FMTV, LMTV, LHS, HMMT wreckers, PLS, HEMMT fuel tankers, 35k forklifts and Forward Repair Systems, Storage trailers, FMTV shop vans

•Applying electrical theory to test and modify operational electrical machinery and electrical

•control equipment and circuitry

•Awarded the ARMY mechanics badge

•Planned and scheduled command maintenance

•In charge of recording man hours for maintenance platoon

•QA/QC for battalion equipment's

•Prepared and inspected DA 2404, 5988-8's

•Refrigerant Recovery/Recycle qualified

•Trained and supervised new incoming soldiers

•Selected to support for service and recovery team for multiple joint-service operations

•Specializing in maintenance, repairs, troubleshooting and modifications on the Forward Repair Systems

•Repaired, overhauled and replaced multiple HMMWV diesel engines and transmissions

•Performed installing CROW systems to multiple up-armored HMMWV's

•Troubleshooting and replacing hydraulic cabs on the LMTV's and FMTV's

•Specialized in organizing maintenance shops in field environments

•Performed in operating specialized Load Hydraulic Systems

•Selected to be certified in troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining the LMTV M1088A1P2 tractor trailer vehicles

•Specialized in operating the RTCH (Rough Terrain Container Handler)

•Recognized for field superior maintenance vehicle repairs and services

•Specialize in CAT C-7 diesel engines


U.S. Army Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom XIV


    January-September 2014

Wheeled Vehicle mechanic (91B)


•Responsible for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, troubleshooting and operating various army vehicles such as HEMTT 984A4, Wrecker, MaxxPro Recovery Vehicle M1249, M-TV's,

M1078 Side Cargo truck, Bobcat Skid steer loaders, 15k and 35k forklifts, John Deer Gator UTV's, and HEMTT Fuel tankers, RG31, RG33, COUGAR, BUFFALO, Mine Rollers

•Handle tasks of of repairing and replacing equipment parts such as belly armors, RPG netting kits, compressors, hydraulic pumps, turbos, fuel pumps and tires

•Perform the task of replacing ballistic windshields, mirrors and lighting systems

•Handled the responsibilities of fabricating and assembling components like custom ballistic armor, custom weapon mounts, custom weapons bracket and custom TOW missile targets

•Refrigerant Recovery/Recycle qualified

•Applying electrical theory to test and modify operational electrical machinery and electrical control equipment and circuitry

•Troubleshoot and repair electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical on MRAP's, heavy vehicle equipment and military and civilian power generators

•Fabricated necessary upgrades for base protection and re-enforcement

•Kept track of all faults for every equipment assigned to my section

•Prepared DA form 2404 for all equipment

•Performed replacing turrets on tactical vehicles

•Fabricated RPG netting frames and brackets for MRAP and non MRAP vehicles

•Troubleshooting and repair A/C systems and A/C units

•Responsible for maintaining, repairing and servicing various types of power generators

•Supervised 4 team members, Afghanistan army mechanics and contract civilian mechanics

•Performed multiple tactical vehicle and equipment recovery missions

•Assisted in training the Afghanistan Border Patrol on how to PMCS their troop vehicles to fully mission capable status

•Trained the infantry men on how to properly operate and inspect their assigned MRAP vehicles

•Trained, operated and maintained on the RDSS (Rapid Deployment Surveillance System)

•Repaired CROWS and CROWS II systems

•Supervised operators on how to perform basic self-recovery standard operating procedures and tactical-techniques and procedures

•Briefed high ranking officials on strategic planning for optimizing convoy operations

•License to operate all MRAP vehicles

•Responsible for logging man hours


United Stated ARMY Fort Leonard Wood, MO


    February 2010- November 2012

Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic


•Responsible for performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for various types of light and heavy equipment such as the HMMWV's, FMTV, LMTV, LMTV tractor trailer, M35, M35A1, M48, M939, M939A1, M934, LHS, PLS, HMMT984A4, HMMT 984A2 Fuel tanker, M7FRS, M1102 trailer

•Awarded the ARMY mechanics badge and Army Driver badge

•Applying electrical theory to test and modify operational electrical machinery and electrical control equipment and circuitry

•Assured QA/QC on over 300 various types of light-equipment, heavy-equipment, and special issued equipment

•Prepared and inspected DA 2404, DA 5988-E

•Refrigerant Recovery/Recycle qualified

•Performed repairs on Non-Mission Capable equipment, Light-Equipment, and heavy-equipment

•Handled task of being a team leader for overdue services section

•Motivated and trained my soldiers to become a recognize maintenance section for brigade operations in multiple Field Training Exercises

•In charge for maintaining and operating the LHS with FRS

•Equipment inventory specialist and logistics

•Troubleshoot and repair mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic on LMTV, FMTV, FRS, LHS, RTCH, 35k forklifts, PLS, M939, M984's, 5-60k generators

•Act as point of contact for battery specialist

•Assisted my Motor Pool Sergeant on final on final service inspections

•Briefed Battalion Commander on how to operate and PMCS the FRS and LHS

•Implemented software upgrades for HMMWV's and LMTV's

•MOS cross-training with ARMY welding specialists

•Performed tasks of troubleshooting and replacing HEUI injection systems

•Specialize in the CAT C-7 engines

Military Training Received:

•United States Army Ordnance School graduate

•1st Armored Division Team Leaders Course

•Basic ARMY Combat Training

•ARMY Combat Life Saver Certified

•Chemical Biological Radio-logical and Nuclear decontamination

•FMTV/LTAS M1088 Series training

•ARMY Basic Combative s Level 1

•United States ARMY Ordnance School Refrigerant Recovery and Recycle Equipment

•ARMY Drown proof

•FJBFT2 training course

•Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Anti-Terrorism Level 1

•Survive Evade Resist Evacuate training

•MRAP training

•Vehicle Recovery training

•Drivers Training and PMCS certification

•Improvised Explosive Device course

•RDISS operator and repair course

•Convoy Operation course

•Army Telecommunication

•German Armed Forces weapons proficiency

•Counter IED training


Civilian Education:

Lone star College, Houston, TX

May 2015-Jun 2015

•Blueprint Reading

•Basic Electrical and Hydraulic Troubleshooting


Central Texas College, Killeen Texas/Saint Robert MO campus May 2012

GPA 3.0

AUMT-2425 Automotive Transmissions and Trans-axles

AUMT-2428 Automotive Manual Transmissions and Trans-axles

Houston Community College, Houston TX

May 2008- May2009

GPA 3.7

AUMT-1305 Intro to Auto Tech

AUMT-1306 Automotive Engine Removal and Install

AUMT-1310 Automotive Brake Systems

AUMT-1316 Suspension and Steering

AUMT-1319 Automotive engine Repair

AUMT-1345 Heating and Air Conditioning

AUMT-1380 Cooperative Education

AUMT-2328 Automotive Service

AUMT-2321 Automotive Electric and lighting Systems

AUMT-2437 Automotive Electronics

AUMT-2317 Engine Performance Analysis I

AUMT-2334 Engine Performance Analysis II



•Strategic Management-Planning

•LMP Basics Course

•Six Sigma and Lean in the Organization

•Six Sigma and the Corporate Enterprise

•Workplace Safety

•CISSP Domain-Access Control

•Cisco SWITCH 1.0: Analyzing Campus Network Designs

•TWIC card

•PEC card


•Hydrogen Awareness Training card

•STCW Basic Fire Fighting

•STCW Medic First Aid/CPR

•STCW Personal Survival Techniques

•STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities




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