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"Quality-driven and experienced Logistics adult and technical trainer with leadership in all aspects of staff training, program assessment, environmental compliance, health and safety policies, risk mitigation, and project management, seeking to apply quality control excellence, analytic mindset, training and certification to a challenging role."




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Job Site Training

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Clinical Training Manager: Shipcom Wireless, INC (VA Contractor) Houston, TX




Develop learning curriculums to include learning paths, course curriculum, learning activities, audio-visual materials, instructor guides, and lesson plans.

Develop trainer programs to coach others involved in training efforts, providing effective growth and development opportunities

Conduct follow-up studies to determine effectiveness of training programs by evaluating both content and resulting job performance; recommended changes as required.

Act as a positive role model in promoting clinical excellence and offer expert professional development advice ensuring that high levels of clinical excellence and competence are maintained

Manage the development and reviewing of training courses materials, aids and devices.

Provide leadership consultation and technical assistance to grantees and contractors in planning, implementing and evaluating appropriate materials for education programs.

Evaluate instructor performance and the effectiveness of training programs, providing recommendations for improvement

Represent higher management at meetings, conferences and provided information and resolved conflicts that would arise.

Evaluate trainees' readiness to complete essential daily tasks and assists in the GO LIVE/test out process.

Interact with various levels of hospital staff that include logistics personnel, clinical personnel, and facility personnel

Deliver a curriculum based training to healthcare facilities

Assist with the development of strategic planning within the Human Resource Department

Train staff on supply chain concepts, software components, hardware components, and solution benefits

Facilitate the execution of training activities, which include scheduling, managing collateral required, upkeep of the training material.

Conduct follow-up studies of all completed trainings to evaluate and measure results; modify programs as needed

Manage, develop the spending against the departmental budget

Provide logistical support, course development, delivery, evaluation, process measurements, and cost management

Work effectively as a team member with other members of management and the human resources staff


Corporate Training Manager: Sidewinder Drilling, INC – Houston, TX


Managed and developed the implementation of company-wide policies, procedures, programs and processes that improve efficiency, provide standardization, ease employee access, usage and met organizational needs IAW federal laws and guidelines.

Lead the Area Training Coordinators in the preparation process of the Quarterly Training Achievement Reports in accordance with the Company Training Matrix.

Managed and supported the administrative oversight for the Area Training Coordinators in the preparation of annual budgets regarding training costs (tuition, transportation, meals, wages, lodging etc.).

Monitored and reviewed employee’s completions for In-House and On-Job Training courses through (Skills XP) a LMS.

Prepared/briefed a monthly training report to Operations on the overall view of the Operational Fleet.

Reviewed, approved, disapproved leave request, travel pay etc received from the Area Training Coordinators to ensure accuracy.

Prepared and submitted the proposed Training Matrix modifications to the VP Staff Committee annually.

Coached and counselled employees to resolve employee relations and work issues

Coordinated with (SME’S) Subject Matter Experts to ensure training requirements were met in order to develop/keep an effective training program and courses.

Ensured all operations were conducted with trained, qualified and competent personnel/trainers.

Reported to the Senior Vice President and CEO on training compliance and deficiencies; coordinated/scheduling for approved training program between vendors, district and/or company assigned trainer.

Planned and executed all training activities to increase the competency and knowledge of service, operations, sales and admin personnel.

Identified local training providers to support training activities to ensure members were properly training and proficient.

Education and Training Manager: United States Air Force, Tucson Arizona


Conducted training sessions, developed criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of training activities, and updated course documentation on a regular basis to ensure timeliness, relevance, and adequacy of programs.

Collected and analyzed job performance data, and conducted occupational analysis surveys in order to identify areas for improvement and compares individual knowledge and skills with job standards.

Developed, validated, forecasted, and revised educational standards, and acted as key adviser to meet Air Force academic, vocational, and technical standards within the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

Sequenced objectives, selected instructional design, method, and media, identified resource needs, and authored materials to support objectives, and developed tests and standards to measure individual abilities.

Evaluated education and training programs, forecasted education and training requirements, assessed cost, recorded participant progress, and recommended actions to correct deficiencies.

Managed Education and Training for all U.S. Air Force Logistics Air Force Specialty Codes, ensured each member was proficient in their job throughout 9 Skill level.

Coordinated user feedback with career field managers and education and training providers, monitored corrective actions, and recommended revisions to education and training programs and plans.

Provided statistical reports on programs and operations, monitored progress, identified problem areas, determined causes, and recommended corrective action, and provided counsel and subject matter expertise.

Managed automated systems and educational products, measurement tools, multimedia and maintenance qualification training programs, and extension course programs.


Security Manager: United States Air Force, Tucson Arizona

Administered foreign travel program and briefed/outlined potential known security threats abroad.

Coordinated System Authorization Requests and verified clearance level/dates--evolving mission demands met

Initiated and reviewed security clearances and validated base/network/deployed requirements

Initiated security clearance reinvestigations with SF86 reviews--ensured on-time completion

Masterfully oversaw security/force protection training program for 894 personnel.

Processed security clearances and visit requests for personnel and maintained 100% accuracy

Implemented Electronic Questionnaires for Investigation Processes and reduced wait time and increased productivity

Consulted with the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) to determine the existence of a favorable ENTNAC, NAC, NACI, NACIC, NACLC, or ANACI.

Budget Administration-: United States Air Force, Tucson Arizona

Actively engaged in organizational and departmental strategic plan formulation, development, and execution

Performed budget formulation for 894 personnel also work involving preparation of detailed analyses of annual and multi-year budget estimates for assigned organizational programs into a consolidated budget request

Develop monthly and quarterly cost ceiling

Provided support and advice on reprogramming of funds and funding levels due to manpower or other changes

Made travel arrangements for mobilizing employees and departmental personnel within budget.

Processed expense reports and verifies correct charges from Temporary Duty Assignments.

Planned, performed, coordinated, and scheduled budgetary financing for new programs and activities of substantive nature on an extended basis.

Prepared detailed plans, budgets, and schedules for assigned programs and participate with senior analysts in fiscal planning and programming

Responsible for integrating requirements into the annual fiscal programs

Processed Educational funding for travel and tuition reimbursement.

Managed the oversight of the organization in absence of the Education Services Executives.

Managed the needs of all training, distribution and redistribution of resources and made recommendations to all Education Executives and management regarding their organizational needs.



Basic Training

Education and Training Management

Airman Leadership School

Instructional System Designer

Basic Instructor Course

Unit Security Manager Course



Frisco City High School (Diploma) Frisco City, Alabama

AA Degree Aircraft Fuel System - Community College of the Air Force, Maxwell AFB, AL

AA Degree Education and Training Management - Community College of the Air Force, Maxwell AFB, AL

Bachelors of Business Administration/International Management – University of Management and Technology Arlington, Virginia

Instructional System Designer Certification- United States Air Force Sheppard AFB, TX

Commercial Driver License: (Class A) (P Endorsement) AZ-D07200128 HDS Trucking Institute- Tucson AZ

Advanced Project Management Certification PMP- The University of Utah (Salt Lake City Division)



Windows Operating Systems

Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Web-based tools and applications for online research and communications



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