Carbon Markets are a mix of compliance requirements in some states, and voluntary participation in others. KCA is uniquely qualified to help sort out the intricacies of carbon trading and markets. Our thought leadership in this area began years before the first regulations were in place and gives us the insight and credibility to craft winning strategies to balance the costs with the social benefits or minimize compliance costs in a regulated market.

Our experience in developing corporate and business strategies, assessing offset projects domestically as well as internationally, and building the tools to track and monitor commercial activities helps our clients navigate the evolving carbon market and prepare for the changing regulations that continue to develop.

We help our clients:

  • Understand the full cost of compliance with regulated markets.
  • Develop corporate strategies to minimize cost or maximize social impact.
  • Balance the trade-offs between carbon generation projects and purchasing credits on the exchange.
  • Support the due diligence in project development.
  • Monitor and track generated offsets versus exchange costs to create an accurate picture of the benefits created.

Carbon Energy

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