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Availability:   01 Sept 2016

Job Type: Permanent

                        Work Schedule: Full-Time


Work Experience:      


Owner/Operator Hotshot Service                                                       11/2015 – 08/2016

Victory Transportation Systems                                                         Salary: $1100 wk

Houston, Tx                                                                                        Hours per week: 105

  • Utilizing Federal Transportation Safety Regulations manual, safely transport logistical supplies throughout the nation efficiently and effectively.
  • Traveled over 70000 mishap free miles with no safety violations.
  • Conduct Safety Inspections of vehicles, trailers and cargo.


Independent Real Estate Sub-Contractor, Houston, Tx, Aug 2014 – July 2015


  • Utilizing International Residential Code (IRC 2015), conduct safety and building inspection of real estate property, submitting photos and supporting documentations of condition of property for corrective action.
  • Conduct home care maintenance on real estate property.
  • Conduct yard maintenance and care of real estate property.


Houston Independent School District                                                           08/2013 – 08/2014

            North Forest High School                                                                   Salary: $60K per year

            Houston, Texas, United States                                                            Hours per week: 50    

            Senior Naval Science Instructor

  • Conduct Safety briefings and daily safety walk-thru, establishing Priority program for correcting.
  • Administer and manage the JROTC program in accordance with regulations and policies.
  • As Logistics Officer, requisition, receive, store, issue, and account for all government equipment.
  • As Facilities Manager, ensure the facilities provided are acceptable for program requirements. Regularly inspect facilities provided to ensure building is adequate to support the program requirements, coordinating with maintenance for correcting discrepancies.


Defense Threat Reduction Agency                                                         01/2008 – 05/2012

Technical Support Section Lead and Test Group Director                 Salary: $80K per year                                                                                                                                                 Hours per week: 50+ hrs/week

  • Supervised 28 personnel division (Tech Support) consisting of military and government civil service, enabling the critical review and award of the 10-Yr/$210M Test Operations, Technology, and Test Support (TOTTS) IV Source Selection contract to support future DTRA field tests.
  • Technical liaison with customers and three test ranges, executed three mishap-free major test and/or exercise programs including Bio-Chemical, Counter-proliferation, conventional weapons effects and phenomenology, worth over $40 million and executed on 3 major test beds locations.  
  • Lead and coordinated the efforts of an integrated 120-member team (Military, DHS, DOD, EPA, FBI, CDC, and local authorities) in Bio-Chemical Experimentation exercise.
  • Coordinating with various agencies Safety and Emergency representatives, utilizing OSHA Electronic Health and Safety Plan (eHASP), developed, briefed and implemented a detailed safety and health document, test specific list prior to conducting each experimentation or exercised which included Organizational Structure, Job Hazard Analysis, Site Control, Training Program, Medical Surveillance Requirements, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Exposure Monitoring, Thermal Stress, Spill Containment Program, Decontamination Program, Emergency Response Plan, Lockout/Tagout program, Standard Operating Procedures, Confined Space Programs and Hot Work.
  • As Safety Representative for the department, researched complex occupational health laws and regulations, recommending changes or modification to polices during simulation of live agents, ensuring safe execution of exercise and tests for personnel involved. Conducted thorough safety briefs and training, including performing safety walkthrough prior to commencement of all events.
  • Utilizing Microsoft Excel, monitored training records of each participant and division, ensuring mandatory safety training/certifications completed and/or qualified for a specific piece of equipment or position. Conducted air tests in spaces prior to personnel entry to ensure oxygen at safe level in accordance with state and national regulations. Drafted excel spreadsheet to monitor all personnel entering restricted space (as applicable) to monitor basic body composition to include weight, blood pressure and temperature. Ensured all department personnel test participants and briefed and trained on safety and fire procedures to include emergency egress location and communication methodology.

Commander Fifth Fleet, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait                                       10/2009 – 06/2010

            Warrior Transition Program (WTP) Director                              Salary: $80K per year            

                                                                                                                        Hours per week: 50 +hrs/week

  • As Director, responsible for operation, financing, and maintenance of 28 buildings, including guiding a diverse 28-member staff (Chaplains, Psychologists, Psychiatric Nurses, Social Workers, officers and enlisted military members) in the processing of more than 8000 military and civilian personnel, seabags with combat gear and over 2050 small arms weapons worth more than $8M flawlessly.
  • Developed long and short range plans, goals, objectives and updated policies of Warrior Transition Program facility as it pertains to operation of the camp, routine maintenance, operation of the facilities, and safety training/awareness/corrective measures.   
  • Following guidance of Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 29 CRF 1910 series, 1926 series, and Title 42 CFR in the daily safety administration of the camp. As Contract Officer’s Representative (COR), utilize Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), Title 42 CFR and other applicable directives in Public Contract and Building/Property management, ensuring smooth operation of the camp, through enforcement of US Federal and Kuwait government Safety and Health policies and instructions. Monitored contractor performance and resolved any issues relating to contract modifications, payments and other issues relating to the camp facilities.
  • Perform daily safety walk-through of all spaces, ensuring all major safety violations corrected immediately and an aggressive plan of action and milestone established to correct minor safety violations.
  • Monitored each staff training records, applying guidance as necessary to ensure each staff member qualified for their respective area, to include all safety related training.
  • Coordinated, monitored, controlled and supervision of the movement of military personnel, equipment and cargo, whether by air, highway or water, both arriving and departing for further transfer CONUS, resulting in Zero safety incidents.
  • Coordinated exclusively with various transportation agencies, both military and civilian, during the arrival and departure of military personnel and VIPs.
  • Prepared correspondence, gathered data, analyzed issues, and conducted a variety of briefings to high ranking officials and other Very Important Persons (VIPs) and incoming service members to include command organization, point papers, daily schedule, counseling and travel arrangements.
  • Conducted monthly Hazard Vulnerability Analysis, environmental audits and annual GAP analysis, correcting potential/major safety violations and establishing aggressive plan of action and milestone to correct minor safety violations. Planned, organized, and implemented Command Assessment Team (CAT) to identify and resolve environmental problems presented while working in a foreign country.
  • Ensured applicable fire equipment retrofitting, egress (procedures and locations) and other fire safety measures applied and implemented in accordance with federal and foreign government regulations.
  • Conducted fire drills quarterly, coordinating with base fire department and other base emergency organizations, documenting all fire related safety deficiencies, to include any fire procedures success or incorrectness, followed up by an aggressive After Action Meeting to focus on correcting the discrepancies. Ensures all Material Safety Data Sheets are updated with current information and located in applicable spaces.
  • Implemented semi- annual safety stand-down, coordinating with other agencies to provide briefs and demonstrations of various fire and safety equipment. Drills included review of administrative policies and guidance with recommended corrective adjustments. Coordinated with American Red Cross or base medical department to ensure all staff members certified in CPR and AED.
  • Implement orientation schedule for all staff to receive safety briefings, threat awareness, and medical signals for incoming personnel. Implemented and developed an Emergency Action Plan for staff members and transient personnel with follow-up training for all emergency conditions while forward deployed.
  • Navy Representative at Camp Safety Committee, serving as the direct liaison for Warrior Transition Program staff and transient personnel.


Chief Office of Military Cooperation Kuwait                                     12/2005 –12/2007

            Kuwait Naval Advisor                                                                        Salary: $80K per year            

,                                                           Hours per week: 50 +hrs/week

  • Principle Naval Advisor to US Central Command and U.S. Ambassador and Government of Kuwait, providing Foreign Military Sales and technical and logistical advisement to the Kuwait Naval Staff.
  • Assist Kuwait Naval and Air Force, providing direct liaison/assessment/assistance in developing, implementing, and managing logistical plans, strategic plans, munitions, supply programs, safety programs, operations policies and procedures.
  • Advised and executed a $320M Foreign Military Sales Case consisting of 45 vessels, ammunition, communications equipment and training.


Commander Navy Warfare Development                                           09/2001 –10/2004

            Undersea Experiment Director                                                 Salary: $80K per year            

                                                                                                                  Hours per week: 50+ hrs/week

  • Developed supporting Documentation, Tactical Techniques, Procedures, Training and
  • conducted testing/experimentation for new technology and tactics pertaining to Anti-Submarine and Mine Warfare, preparing new technology evaluation reports and providing information for the development of the new technology.
  • Converted conceptual experimental objectives into actionable initiatives by providing written procedures to support each execution.
  • Communicate effectively with various military and civilian organizations in all interactions.
  • Drafted Lesson Plans, trained up to 40 participants and coordinated detailed analysis. Coordinated all logistical requirements for shipping of equipment and personnel.
  • Utilizing eHASP, developed a detailed Safety Check list prior to conducting each test or undersea exercise; conducting thorough safety brief, including performing safety walkthrough prior to commencement.
  • Ensure mandatory safety training/certifications completed and/or qualified per equipment or position. Ensured safe execution of exercise for personnel, environment, and equipment.



Commander Mine Warfare Command                                                02/1999 – 08/2001

Assistant Operations/Exercise Scheduling Officer                              Salary: $70K per year

      Hours per week: 50 +hrs/week

  • Assisted in preparing and advising on operational and tactical plans for Mine Laying Operations and mine countermeasures including mine hunting. Prepared mine laying and mine countermeasures operation, plans and orders, including provisions for tactical logistics to support such plans.
  • Custodian for classified information concerning mined and mine swept area, in addition to capabilities and limitations of foreign country’s mines. Coordinates and directs staff preparation of all emergency, mobilization, logistic and war plans.
  • Analyzes and evaluates such plans of higher authorities, commenting on their effects upon command and preparing supporting plans as required. Represents Commander in collaboration with other services and government agencies in developing plans.
  • Planned, organized, implemented, oversee and assisted for project(s) or resolve safety and environmental problems before and during the conducting of military exercises.



USS PATRIOT (MCM 7)/USS GERMANTOWN (LSD-42)                08/1994 – 01/1999

Executive Officer/Navigator                                                                    Salary: $40K per year

                                                                                            Hours per week: 50+ hr/week

  • Administers the organization, performance of duty and good order and discipline of the ship. Filling in as direct representative of Commanding Officer, enforcing command orders and policies, assisting in command operation, and commanding in his absence. Coordinates with department heads for command schedule, administration, schedules and inspections, and personnel performance, training, safety and emergency procedures, welfare and morale.  
  • Coordinated the First Ever disaster relief exercise between the Russian/American amphibious ships off the coast of Russia. Guided ships through a highly successful training cycle in a period of 15 months.
  • Orchestrated the first Mine Countermeasure (MCM) ship through a Command Assessment Readiness and Training / Total Ship Training Availability, achieving grade of “Outstanding”. Led the USS PATRIOT and USS SCOUT through a highly successful logistics management assessment, culminating USS PATRIOT receiving the highest grades of “Excellent” in both functional areas among the MCM force, thus qualifying for the coveted Blue “E”. Set up and managed the overall training for entire ship.
  • Directed the ship in the most intense MCM exercise with US and Japanese Naval forces, received accolades for outperforming 23 other US and Allied ships.  Successfully guided ship through the first ever Inspection and Survey (INSURV) / Material Readiness, Safety, Cleanliness and Inspection (MRCI), receiving high marks for on the cleanliness and presentation of material. As the center point for cleanliness of the ship, provided the impetus required to raise all shipboard spaces cleanliness.
  • Conduct daily inspections of ship’s berthing and galley, ensuring spaces are always mishap free, sanitized, in addition to safeguarding food preparation, handling, and storage are in accordance with food safety and handling instructions.
  • As the Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) manager, led ship to the highest maintenance system (PMS) accomplishment rate scores (95.1 percent) among the pacific forward deployed ships. 


USS MOUNT BAKER (AE 34)                                                           06/1992 – 05/1994

Chief Engineer Officer                                                                         Salary: $40K per year

                                                                                        Hours per week: 50 +hr/week

  • Managed all aspects of the engineering plant and the engine crew to include administration, operation and maintenance of propulsion and auxiliary machinery and electric power equipment. Superintends engine room, boiler rooms, carpenter shop, and electrical and other engineering spaces. Directs maintenance of boat machinery, control of damage, repair of hull and appurtenances and repairs not specifically assigned to other departments.
  • Applied Quality Control Checklist for all planned and unplanned work conducted on shipboard equipment, to include steam engine, generators, propulsion equipment and auxiliary equipment. Maintains comprehensive maintenance program, directing preparation of required engineering records and reports.
  • Filling collateral duty as Safety Officer, ensured slide 2 of 2
  • safe working practices for the ship in accordance with OSHA and applicable safety and environmental instructions. In addition, conducted annual ship wide safety stand-down, conducting safety training for entire crew onboard. Conducted monthly safety meetings in addition to year round safety training to individuals for each area of operations.
  • Developed and conducted Engineering Casualty Drill exercises in order to prepare and train the engine room staff to handle crisis situations such as fire, flood or explosion. Fire training was centered on coordinating fire fighting between deck and engine room.
  • Exercised Engine room staffs on flood and fire at least once a month, resulting in ship receiving a grade of “Outstanding” during the engineering department’s most important inspection, the Operational Propulsion Plant Examination (OPPE). Ensured environmental compliance during the transfer and handling procedures for bunkering of fuel oil, safety precautions and oil pollution control measures.
  • Responsible for ensuring emergency fire pump, emergency generator and lifeboat etc., are in good working condition, ready to be utilized in case of an emergency. Conducted routine walkthrough of shipboard spaces ensuring first aid boxes are equipped with all relevant medicines and are placed in each work shop and engine control room. Conducted monthly inspection of fire detection alarms, firefighting equipment and life boat tests, managing corrective action for all discrepancies.
  • Utilizing QA and Safety standards, developed chart to track over 70 jobs, coordinating the scheduling interface between two civilian shipyards, three Intermediate Maintenance Availabilities (IMAs), and six contractors, ensuring completion of all work on schedule with requisite Quality.  Conduct safety walk throughout the ship, identifying hazards, assessing their potential for harm to shipboard personnel and developing corrective action.


Volunteer Experience


American Red Cross                                                                           (06/2010 – 06/2013)

Albuquerque, NM 87109                                                                     20 hours per week

Volunteer/Disaster Assist Team Captain/Community Spokesperson/Caseworker


  • Assist American Red Cross with following up on cases and problem solving any issues such as contacting       families when death or other serious issues related to the family, in addition to home fires or disasters, and fund raising. Speak at various events for the American Red Cross. As Disaster Team Captain, assist individual / family members in the event of a crisis with shelter/food/assistance as needed during a disaster. During Hurricane Sandy assisted in establishing and running 5 shelters. Additionally, served as Logistic.


Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                      (10/2010 - 12/2011)

Albuquerque, NM 87108                                                                                 20 hours per week

Volunteer/Escort Service/Spinal Cord Room


  • Visit patients in the Spinal Cord room with a friendly smile. Escort patients from various locations (emergency room, quarters, specialty rooms) to designated locations (exit, emergency room, quarters). 


Education:                  Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas

                                    Bachelor of Science of Psychology with minor in Engineering Math


                                    Naval War College, Newport, RI

                                    Master National Security and Strategic Studies


            University of South Dakota via COMPASS Program

                                    Certificate of Completion – Dialysis Technician


            Central New Mexico Community College Albuquerque, NM United States

                                    Credits Earned: 18 Semester Credit Hours, Safety and Health Courses


                                    Builders Academy, Houston, Tx

                                    Professional Home Inspector (450 hours) –  May 2015 Graduation


                                    Texas A&M University Engineering Extension

                                    Certified Safety and Health Officer – November 2015


                                    San Juan College, Farmington, New Mexico

                                    Associate Occupational Safety, projected Dec 2017



Accreditations and Certifications:

                                    Command Qualified Officer, Amphibious/Mine Warfare Specialty

            Steam Propulsion Chief Engineer, Navy proven subspecialty

            Surface Warfare Officer, Navy Warfare Specialist Designator

                                    Contract Officer Representative (COR)


Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:

                                    TL 1010 Teaching and Learning Online

                                    ESH 2016 Occupational Safety I

                                    ESH 2017 Occupational Safety II

                                    ESH 2018 Occupational Safety III

                                    PRT 256 Medic First Aid and CPR Instructor

                                    OSHA 510 Occupational Safety & Health Standards for Construction

                                    OSHA 521 OSHA Guide to Industrial Hygiene

                                    OSHA 2225 Respiratory Protection

                                    OSHA 3015 Excavation, Trenching, and Soil Mechanics

                                    OSHA 3095 Electrical Standards

                                    OSHA 3115 Fall Protection

                                    OSHA 7105 Evacuation and Emergency Preparedness

                                    OSHA 7505 Health Hazard Requirements

                                    OSHA 7200 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control

                                    OSHA 7300 OSHA’s Permit Required Confined Space Standard

                                    OSHA 7500 Introduction to Safety and Health Management

                                    OSHA 7505 Introduction to Accident Investigation

                                    CIS 2110 Project Management Software

                                    Comm 1130 Public Speaking

                                    Psy 2200 Statistical Principles

                                    GE 112 Engineering Problems

                                    GE 113 Engineering Graphics I

                                    GE 122 Engineering Graphics II

                                    NS 123 Ships Systems I

                                    GE 133 Engineering Concepts

                                    GE 143 Engineering Concepts II

                                    MA 214 Geometry and Calculus

                                    MA 401 Colloquium

                                    PHYS 215 General Physics

                                    NS 243 Ships Systems II

                                    PHYS 225 General Physics II


Job Related Training: Engineering/Safety

                                    Steam Engineering Officer School

                                    Prospective Engineering Officer Course

            CLE 009 System Safety in Systems Engineering

CLM 017 Risk Management

ORM-MYTR-1.0 Supervisor – Managing Your Team’s Risk

TCRM09-01 Time Critical Risk Management

ORM-MYR-1.0 Individual – Managing Your Risk

ORM-LRMI-1.0 Assistant – Leading Risk Management Integration

OSPSAC-M-1.0 Oil Spill Prevention Situational Awareness Course (Master)

HDB-1 - Handling and Disposition of Batteries

NPDC-CWI-1 - Cold Weather Injuries

NPDC-HWI-1  - Hot Weather Injuries

CNET12423 - PFM – Transition Planning

NSC-SAF-0020-V1 - Vpp – Overview of the Voluntary Protection Programs

NSC-SAF-0070-V1 - Vpp – Occupational Safety Health Administration Record Keeping

NSC-SAF-0060-V1- Vpp – The Voluntary Protection Programs for Industrial Hygiene/Bioenvironmental and Occupational

NSC-SAF-0030-V1 -  Vpp – The Voluntary Protection Programs 101

NSC-SAF-0040-V1 - Vpp – Contractor Safety

M16WS – 1.0 -  M16 Weapon Safety

NM-08-ECESHR-1.1 – Environment of Care – Employee Safety and Hazard Recognition

NSC-SAF-0010-V1 – Vpp – DoD Safety and Occupational Health Program

NSC-SAF-0130-V1 – Vpp – Sports Safety

NSC-SAF-0140-V1 – Vpp – How to Form and Manage A Safety Committee

NSC-SAF-0120-V1 – Vpp – Safety and Health Training

NSC-SAF-0110-V1 – Vpp – History and Trend Analysis

NM-08-ECUSM-1.1 – Environment of Care – Utility Systems Management

NM-08-ECSM-1.1 – Environment of Care – Security Management

NM-09-ECMEM-1.1 – Environment of Care – Medical Equipment Management

NM-09-ECHMWM-1.1 – Equipment of Care – Hazardous Material and Waste Management

NM-09-ECEM-1.1 – Environment of Care – Emergency Management

NM-09-ECFLSM-1.1 – Environment of Care – Fire and Life Safety Management

NSC-SAF-0100-V1 – Vpp – Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

NSC-SAF-0090-V1 – Vpp – Mishap Investigations

NSC-SAF-0080-V1 – Vpp – Workplace Safety

NM-09-CS-1.1 – A Culture of Safety – Jul 2010



                                    P-1B-0005, Advanced Officer Leadership (XO) – September 1997

                                    P-500-0001, Total Quality Leadership Senior Leaders Seminar - April 1992

                                    J-2G-0104, Surface Mine Countermeasure Prospective Commanding Officer - Jan 1992

                                    A-4H-0107, Surface Warfare Officer Department Head – February 1992



                                    Acquisition and Management Phase I – March 2008

                                    Acquisition and Management Phase II – April 2008

                                    CLB007, Cost Analysis – April 2012

                                    CLB016, Introduction to Earned Value Management - September 2011

                                    CLC024, Basic Math Tutorial – September 2011

                                    CLG005, Purchase Card Online System (PCOLS) – September 2011

                                    CLM017, Risk Management – September 2011

                                    CLC106, Contracting Officer Representative (COR) With A Mission Focus – September 2010

                                    CLM003, Overview Of Acquisition Ethics – September 2010

                                    2EF235010F37OS, Individual Augmentee Warrior Skills (USN) - October 2010
                                    ACQ 101, Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management – September 2008

                                    SYS101, Fundamentals Of Systems Planning, RD&E – September 2008


                                    DoD-IAA-V2 Information Assurance Awareness – Mar 2012

                                    CPPD-TCRM09-01 Time Critical Risk Management – Mar 2011

                                    CPPD-ORM-MYR-1.0 Individual Managing Your Risk – Mar 2011

                                    CPPD-ORM-LRMI-1.0 Assistant Leading Risk Management Integration – Jul 2011

                                    CNET 12423 Transition Planning – Aug 2011               

                                    3270, Instructor, Naval Science (1989-1992)

                                    S-3C-0001, National Security Managers Course – September 1994

                                    P-050-0002, Command Assessor Team Training – June 1994

                                    J-2G-0966, NAVY Operational Security Training – September 1985


Affiliations:                 Knights of Columbus – Director of Family Programs

                                    American Red Cross – Disaster Assist Team Captain, Community Spokesman, Case Worker

                                    Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc – Social Action Program Director

                                    Surface Warfare Society – Life Member

                                    National Naval Officers Association – Life Member

                                    Veterans of Foreign Wars – Member

                                    Maritime Officers Association – Member

                                    National Horseshoe Pitching Association – Member


Additional Information: Top Secret Clearance, SSBI Investigation, NATO Clearance, Valid TWIC. Very proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Microsoft Project, and Internet Explorer; self-taught HTML and Microsoft Outlook.


References upon request.



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