Custom Data Tools

KCA can work with your team to develop affordable custom targeted applications to support unique business requirements. From advanced spreadsheets with macros to database tools synchronized to your SharePoint site, KCA has created many key tools used by teams to organize, visualize, and analyze your data to become insightful information.


Even large, established businesses have unique needs that are too small for million dollar solutions, but when addressed can add huge value to the company. Our tools have captured value by addressing questions such as:

How do I look at different sets of projects in my portfolio of opportunities and perform analysis against multiple criteria?

How can I track the commercial deals, workflow, and success against my goals while storing and retrieving all of the key documents for each deal?

How do we look at 1,600+ legal claims to find which have merit, which are without basis, and what my potential exposure might be? Can we also capture all the information associated with the claims and provide financial analysis by claim type, firm, documentation level, claim status, etc?

How can I see the timing of 2,000 classes across the globe and find opportunities to consolidate classes or change their timing to maximize class size, reduce travel, and still meet the needs of our many business units?

How can I visualize the operations of my plant to incorporate both uncertainties in performance and the stoichiometry of reactions, heat flow, and power generation?


Sometimes you’re not exactly sure what you want. Our approach allows for a quick initial prototype which is later expanded as your requirements develop and features and functionality are added. Your solution is unique to your needs.



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