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Fuel distribution manager, with experience in Logistic and supply chain management. Procurement and Quality control specialist; Warehousing & Inventory management, Freight forwarding, merchandise distribution, Customer relationship builder. Dedicated team member, with strong organizational and administrative skills.

Exceptional Business Facilitator

• Developed and implemented strategic and recruiting plans & leads, which included partner Alliances and generating new market growth opportunities.

• Seasoned and comfortable dealing with international protocols and decision makers.

• Excellent listener with the ability to determine customer needs, present product features, benefits and closing sales.




Primevalue Investment Ltd. Nuremberg Germany.

Business Manager                                                                                                       2010 to 2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • Responsible for managing, & successful execution of government contract worth $13,975,780.00.
  • In charge of account receivables and assisted in payroll management.
  • Designed, recommended and implements process improvement tools, which leads to continuous improvement in the supply chain, transportation and procurement for the company.
  • Provide leadership in maintaining the privacy and confidentially of information
  • The company chief negotiator with the government and representative with the customs.


Department of Defense. Ansbach Germany.

Fuel Distribution Specialist.                                                                                2009 to 2010


  • Performed all accounting transactions pertaining to requisitioning, procuring, and scheduling, ordering, reporting and document preparation for aviation fuels, ground fuels and missile propellant transactions in the automated fuels data system.
  • Inventories and inspects the storage/distribution system and the condition of the products received and issued. Performs operator maintenance of the fuel storage and dispensing system equipment

United States Army Kuwait & Iraq Deployment     

Petroleum Supply Sergeant                                                                   2005-2006, 2007-2008                                                                                                                                                                           

Operated and maintained complete fuels distribution systems. Receive, store, transfer and dispense aviation/ground petroleum and cryogenic products.

Performed required fuel quality control testing in fuels laboratory

Performed nondestructive testing (NDT) by monitoring the pipelines and pumping systems for accurate pressure release, leakages, and unusual noises

Establish safe and efficient working environment. Perform housekeeping and ground maintenance service for equipment, pipelines network and dock areas.


United States Army. Virginia and Washington DC

Petroleum Specialist                                                                                                        2001-2005                     

•Operated equipment used in the storage and transfer of petroleum products used in the Army today

•Received, stored and issued petroleum products purchased for use in Army vehicles, aircraft and support equipment used on the flight line and throughout the base

•Refueled aircraft on the flight line with various types of mobile refueling equipment

•Responsible for the fuels control center, where all requests for fuel are received, and the operator maintenance of refueling vehicles and flight line hydrant systems




MBA Project Management. Columbia Southern University, Orange Beach Alabama.

Certificate Defense Hazardous Material and waste Handling. US Army Institute of Professional Development.

Licensed and Certified Pharmacy Technician.

Certified First Responder and Emergency medical technician.



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