Client education is an important service offering at KCA. We offer customized training and capability development programs tailored to meet the specific needs, goals, and time commitments of our clients. We also offer open training courses and events which can be attended by professionals from any industry. With over twenty years of proven success delivering client education we know what works to get new processes and techniques engrained within an organization. We use practical, real-world examples to ensure the processes, tools, information, and knowledge obtained can be put to use immediately.

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Public Courses

We offer a series (2 day, 3 day or 5 day) of public courses designed to introduce a wide range of practitioners to the methodology and practice of decision analysis. To inquire about a public or private course for your organization please write to

Current Scheduled Public Course Training:  2022 Dates Coming Soon!

2 day Integrated Decision Management (IDM) 

2022 Dates Coming Soon!

Workshop Overview

Business leaders today all share a common theme.  They are required to make investment, strategy, development, and business decisions in the face of a wide range of uncertainty.  The ability to manage the upsides and downsides of uncertainty, and plan for the uncertainty in the business solution, provides business leaders a competitive advantage over those that either trust their outcomes to ‚Äúluck‚ÄĚ or simply fail to act all together.

A staged process, INTEGRATED DECISION MANAGEMENTä (IDM) reduces an opportunity or problem to its fundamental components, models the associated decision space, and delivers a solution that can be executed, whose success can be measured, and whose actions can be adjusted as critical uncertainties unfold.

This workshop is ideal for:

· Business executives who want to enrich their decision-making skills

· Senior or middle-level managers who need a robust understanding of the decision analysis process for gaining insight and confidence in action.

· Project owners and teams tasked with developing and analyzing significant business decisions or solving complex problems.

· Individuals who will become the internal resources for their company as a decision process facilitator or internal decision consultant.

In-house Training

Our in-house course offerings are tailored to your specific needs, industry, and project type. We offer proven courses delivered by expert instructors designed to provide immediate application within your organization. Most of the courses are designed and delivered by David Skinner a professor at Rice University‚Äôs Jones Business School where he teaches decision analysis in the EMBA program. To inquire about a public or private course for your organization please write to



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