Godwin Ebohma

5030 Hearth Hollow lane
Sugarland, TX


Team Leader – Drilling Engineering & Operations


Nineteen years engineering experience with drilling, completions and work over within the Oil and Gas industry in lead and superintendent positions. Possess strong technical expertise in drilling and project management which achieved significant cost savings. Recognized for delivering innovative solutions to complex project assignments. Regarded as strong team leader and consistent high performer in challenging local and international environments. Dedicated professional with high energy and ethical standards.



  • Snr.Drilling Engineer(Team Lead)- Staff
  • Developed & Designed  GOM strategy Operations
  • Developed Drilling Management Standards and manual for Deep Water Operations
  • Solid experience with Mud Cap Drilling, Manage Pressure Driling and Dual Gradient Drilling.
  • Re-constructed the entire Drilling and Completions department
  • Advance well design & Engineering for Angola Exploratory and development well operations
  • Managing & Mentoring junior engineers.
  • Preparing rig schedules, project highlights and  well operation reports
  • High level designs on well fatigue & Riser failure Analysis
  • Evaluates new prospects, farm out opportunities & new business in GOM and Africa with respect to CAPEX, OPEX, well Cost Estimates, Engineering & designs.
  • Focal point  for Regulatory Compliance, HSE…(A Member of OOC, DEWOG,)

Sr. Drilling Engineer(Lead)
International Deep water (Consultant)


  • Detailed well planning for exploration, appraisal and development wells.
  • Operational support during the drilling phase.
  • Preparation of probabilistic time and cost estimates
  • Identification of risks and mitigating controls


  • Consulted / participates in worldwide abnormal operational issues
  • Developed world wide strategy for well control related Emergency Response Plan


  • In cooperation with the Director of Drilling and Director of Completions, develops, deploys, and institutionalizes operations standards into the business units
  • Ensures Drilling Department standards are met in all drilling operations

Peer Assists / Peer Reviews

  • Assists in the organization and facilitation of, and attends, key peer assists, peer reviews, and risk assessments
  • Engages the business units directly as required to follow up on PA/PR recommendations, to get a first-hand view of work performed, and to advise on specific operational issues


  • Participated in recruiting efforts to ensure optimum new hire selection
  • Directly responsible for competency validation of new hires

Rig Equipment

  • Provided guidance and support to business units on drilling rigs and equipment specifications and quality, including commissioning oversight

Drilling Rig Contracts

  • Reviews all long term drilling rig tenders and contracts

Houston, Texas

Sr. Drilling Engineer (Superintendent)

  • Designed, engineered, planned and drilled 3 wells back to back which resulted in cumulative savings of $15 million due to time and material efficiencies as well as reduction in costly rework.
  • Saved $20 million wildcat well from loss by application of innovative drilling techniques.
  • Restructured entire well-construction team department by introduction of improved drilling schedules, technical training of new engineers and improved day-to-day rig operation.
  • Drilled difficult and unstable high angle/shallow gas well using application of specialized tool which resulted in savings of $5 million which was 67% under expected authority for expenditure (AFE) cost.
  • Developed technical training manual for all employees in well construction team which reduced training costs and standardized staff understanding and application of best practices.
  • Conducted full phase process for multilateral wells including planning, drilling, implementation and completion which resulted in better integrated and more efficient operations.
  • Recognized for strengths in extended reach wells, directional and specific drilling procedures, advanced casing design, hydraulics, cementing and drilling curve.

28/28 Rotation – Angola & Onshore Rotation(Sand ridge)
1/2006 -12/2008

Sr. Drilling Engineer/ Lead Engineer

  • Planned, engineered, drilled and supervised successful deepwater project (8000’) originally rejected by management due to anti-collision issues which resulted in highly productive and profitable property.
  • Drilled 3 directional wells back to back which generated dramatic savings and saved the company approximately $9 million.
  • Drilled multiple directional wells with vertical sections up to total vertical depth (TVD) of 10,000’ (‘J’ and ‘S’) and 7000′ laterals which resulted in successful producing wells.
  • Recognized for successful completion of drilling operations on schedule and within budget with average time from spud to rig release of 5-6 days on shallow wells (4500′-6000′), 15-21 days on fairly deep wells (7000′-14000′) and 45-60 days maximum on deep wells ( 15000′-25000′).
  • Supervised daily drilling activities, personnel, and contractors on different jobs
  • Provided detailed contract documents covering scope of work, technical specifications, commercial requirements & terms and conditions for use.

US NAVY – USS Saipan
3/2005 – 12/2006
Engineering Tech/Control Engineer

  • Recognized for proficiency and reliability in maintenance of low and high pressure air compressors (LPAC, HPAC), Boiler and SSTG Diesel Engines and maintenance of small boats.

5/2002 – 2/2005
Senior Drilling Engineer (Deep Water)

  • Recognized for skills in well design, drilling programs, planning and safe execution of well construction activities and proficiency in program execution which resulted in accomplishment of goals within budget limitations.
  • Consistently returned successful and money saving results on every well drilled.
  • Provided Engineering support to the drilling operations and ensure the delivery of well objectives is compliant with relevant policies and regulations.
  • Provided highly accurate pore pressure profile estimates which enhanced success rates and reduced incidence of unanticipated drilling outcomes.
  • Provided engineering input into daily operations including hydraulics, torque monitoring and simulation, string over pull allowance, taper string balance, jar functioning limits/conditions (cock/fire requirements), kick tolerance, cost per foot analysis, bit cost effectiveness, HSI, carvings rate monitoring, trip sheets, bit record, fishing time, U tube calculations, completion engineering..

EXXON MOBIL (Deep Water)
3/1998 – 4/2002
Drilling Engineer

  • Mobilized rigs for multiple successful well projects and handled well planning and construction for drilling and work over wells including highly deviated,(up to 100 degrees inclination), water injection and  HPHT wells.
  • Recognized for strengths in directional and specific drilling procedures, casing design, hydraulics, cementing, MWD and Gamma rays evaluation as well as mud and cementing program evaluation.
  • Design, engineer and plan wells to deliver the agreed well objectives;
  • Generating drilling time and cost estimates for annual budgets and well AFEs etc.
  • Working with Supply Chain to develop tenders for drilling related equipment and services contracts, to evaluate returned bids and to make contract award recommendations;
  • Ensuring Industry and GDC Design & Operations Standards are being met throughout all well designs;
  • Identifying and mitigating risks associated with well designs and work programs;
  • Ensuring engineering objectives and expectations are clearly defined and communicated;
  • Ensuring Lessons Learned are captured and implemented where applicable on future well plans;
  • Evaluating novel and conventional drilling techniques that are successful in the region and adopt their use as appropriate;
  • Providing engineering and operational advice to office and field personnel as necessary;
  • Developing effective relationships with the in-country drilling team, other engineers and subsurface personnel involved;
  • Mentoring and supervising junior engineers;
  • Monitoring and benchmarking drilling performance

3/1996 -3/1998
Junior Drilling Engineer/ Supervisor

  • Involve with some onshore and offshore operations.
  • Mobilized  Offshore and floating drilling design, engineering and operations experience;
  • Competent in the use of drilling engineering software used in the design and engineering of wells;
  • Experienced in analysing problems and identifying practical solutions;
  • Liaised  effectively and constructively with other technical functions and with contract service company personnel.


  • Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering – University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND
  • Associate of Science, Petroleum Engineering, Energy Campus, Houston Texas
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry – Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Nigeria
  • Advance Deep Water Drilling and Completions- Aberdeen, UK
  • Dual Gradient Drilling- Chevron S/Malo projects(DWEP)
  • Well Fatigue & Integrity- Aberdeen UK
  • Advance BOP design and configuration…….N.O.V
  • Completions and Work over: Petro Skills – Katy, TX
  • Halliburton Drill Bit School: Security/Halliburton – Houston, TX
  • Drilling Fluid Technology: Baroid Halliburton – Houston, TX
  • Drilling Jars and Motors: Smith Services/Cougar – Oklahoma City, OK
  • Air Drilling Technology and Fundamentals (Air Compression): Oklahoma City, OK
  • Randy Smith Well Control Training School – Houston, TX
  • Centre for Naval Engineering: Great Lakes, IL
  • -Fire Engineering and Safety
  • -Damage Control Engineering
  • -Diploma, Engineering Technology
  • Cementing Training: Exxon Mobil – Nigeria
  • Casing Design: Exxon Mobil – Nigeria
  • UBD Drilling Seminar: Shell Oil – Nigeria
  • Directional Drilling: Baker Hughes/Shell Oil – Nigeria


  • DIMS, Well ez, Well pro, Well cat, Stress check, OSPREY, SES 3.0, Rim base, Landmark, Adobe Acrobat
  • Windows Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, Presentation, Visio, Project and PowerPoint software
  • DP, Jack-Up, and Super Singles rings Operations


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