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Kevin Carpenter | Founder & CEO

As the Founder and CEO of K Carpenter Associates (KCA), Kevin established a consultancy that has quickly grown into a team of expert professionals serving our Energy, Technology, and Legal clients.

Prior to KCA, Kevin worked for 18 years at Conoco in various Downstream and Commercial positions, designing new devices, methods, and processes to improve activities from laboratory analysis to product blending, to Crude and Light Oil contract and scheduling enhancements. These enhancements have generated hundreds of millions of dollars over the years with some solutions remaining in place 13 years later. (He is the lead on a Conoco patent for “transaction processing systems to facilitate the commercial support activities associated with the buying and selling of commodity products”.) Mr. Carpenter was also the Technology lead and Chief Operating Officer at Decision Strategies (DSI) supporting Energy, Technology, and Pharmaceutical clients.

During his 14 years as a professional consultant, Kevin has provided expert consultation to Executive and Business Unit leaders, leading strategic projects for major integrated oil companies and many mid-sized and service companies in the development of their business strategies, investment and operating plans, emerging energy and carbon compliance strategies, capital development plans, new product development, portfolio optimization and market entry programs, governance strategies, and technology development programs. His guidance has generated billions of dollars for his clients in new opportunities and improved approaches to their challenges.

Kevin’s creative approach to addressing analytical challenges has led to multiple inventions of complex analysis techniques which have been shared with hundreds of portfolio and modeling professionals. He has taught thousands of students in the principles of stochastic project development and mentored dozens of professionals in developing their expertise.

David Skinner | FELLOW

As Fellow of K Carpenter Associates (KCA), Mr. David Skinner is an internationally known lecturer and the author of the best selling book “Introduction to Decision Analysis”, now in its third edition. On the faculty of Rice University since 2004, Mr. Skinner teaches strategy and decision-making at the Jones School in the Executive MBA program. Through this teaching position Mr. Skinner has helped over 15 student-led companies get started, acquired or merged.

Prior to this position Mr. Skinner was the Co-Founder and Chairman of Energy Water Solutions (EWS), an oilfield services company focused on providing economical produced water treatment solutions to the oil and gas industry. Mr. Skinner was also the Founder and CEO at Decision Strategies (DSI), a brand that was aquired by K Carpenter Associates (KCA) in 2017.  At Decision Strategies,  Mr. Skinner worked with Global 1000 boards and executive teams to create game changing strategies, identify new market entries, and evaluate options for significant growth resulting in over $400 billion worth of projects and transactions.

Mr. Skinner’s oil and gas background began in the late 1980’s at Conoco. While at Conoco in 1992, David was a founder of the Decision Analysis Affinity Group which is now the largest non-academic, multi-industry affinity group focused on quality decision-making. David is still active in this organization and continues to be instrumental in the advancement of better decision-making practices. David brings over 26 years of strategy development, management experience, and decision-making skills and holds degrees in finance and economics. Mr. Skinner has been an avid entrepreneur his whole life, starting his first brick and mortar company at the age of 13. With over twenty startups under his belt ranging from specialty chemicals, to real estate, to hospitality and software, he understands the issues that founders face and often consults with business and community leaders. David enjoys working with young entrepreneurs and sits on the board of Junior Achievement of the Southwest, the largest Junior Achievement organization in the US.



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